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Vision Local Media Corp Releases Web-Native CMS for All

The platform by Vision Local Media Corp was designed and developed over the past 7 years, providing users with a single login to manage web presence and internet marketing efforts

April 14, 2017

Denver, CO: Most professionals out there realize now that no matter the size of the business, digital marketing and monitoring web presence is integral to their success. While some avenues exist for agencies or corporations to manage their online footprint, most are either overpriced or too technically advanced for most users to benefit. A simple solution is needed to allow people to manage everything from their website and blog to their digital marketing efforts and online advertising. Today, after 7 years of research and development, the team at Vision Local Media Corp releases their platform as a service (PaaS) to new clients and finally offer a single solution to manage website development, marketing, reporting, client management, and more. Their web CMS features tools and functionality appealing to agencies, SMBs, corporations, multi-location businesses, franchises, and more.
Mark Henninger, founder and CEO of Vision Local Media Corp explains the platform’s capabilities and potential, “The VLM platform empowers individuals in agencies, marketing departments, franchisees, and corporate management to keep their data organized to allow for better segmentation of customers, applicants, promotions, and precise marketing objectives – all through a single login. Our solution delivers a streamlined view of digital marketing, with actionable insights and a personalized experience for any business model - that cannot be found elsewhere.”
Some of the key elements of the Vision Local Media platform include:
  • Multi-Site Website Builder and Global CMS
  • Cross-Client CRM and List Segmentation
  • Email Marketing Automation, Templates, and Personalization
  • Data Capture, Form Routing, and CRM Integration
  • Asset Management
  • Blogging and Social Media Push Marketing
  • Actionable Reporting and Integrated Analytics
The climate of the digital marketing world grows exceedingly more complicated with time and Google’s ever-increasing capabilities. The VLM platform is designed to resolve the disparities that exist by creating a hub and single point of entry for businesses to effectively monitor, manage, and market themselves or their clients. Proven by the use of over 400 Denver Website Designs clients, the VLM platform has been developed over the course of the past 7 years to manage customers, marketing, and web presence.
Henninger states that most agencies or corporations need a solution that does not force them to subscribe to and log into multiple platforms dedicated to each service – they should be able to log into a single source and navigate through all things web-based related to their business. “The platform is particularly appealing to the agency model, as we have operated as an agency using this platform with great success as Denver Website Designs. Imagine logging into one ecosphere to manage hundreds or thousands of client’s websites, marketing efforts, advertising, assets, and CRM. Efficiency has a new name: Vision Local Media,” says Henninger.
About Vision Local Media Corp:
Vision Local Media Corp is comprised of a team of seasoned professionals in SaaS, PaaS, project management, SEO, Internet marketing, database development, and of course, website design. With a wealth of experience in the industry and an unbridled compassion for the trade, VLM Corp is dedicated to developing and delivering the best possible solutions for clients and partners to foster long-term relationships and partnerships. Through innovation and invention, Vision Local Media Corp aims to usher in a new era of ease in managing your online presence.