The Vision Local Media Platform

Web Design & Digital Marketing- Simplified

The VLM platform empowers agencies, marketing departments, franchisees and local managers to segment their customers, applicants, promotions, and more for a more precise level of marketing, with a single login. Our solutions deliver incredible websites for all devices, streamline digital marketing operations, and deliver actionable insights to you as well a more personalized experience to your customers - whatever your business model.

Unlimited Site & Marketing Configurations

  • Manage globally, locally, at the corporate level, or combinations thereof
  • Grant administrative roles for specific tasks at the individual level
  • Site, client & location-based customer databases and marketing capabilities
  • Easy scheduling, distribution, and tracking of promotions to all entities & mediums
  • Single-click delivery to individual websites, social media sites & email lists
  • Streamline remarketing and rating requests to segmented groups
  • Funnel data delivery and route to local stakeholders or corporate teams

Beautiful, Responsive Websites

Deliver gorgeous, mobile-responsive websites that look incredible on all devices. Each of your clients and associated employees have an "environment" dedicated solely to them. Inquiries, maps, hours, reservations, social media, specials, recruiting, and more render perfectly on all devices.

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Cross-Client CRM, List Segmentation, Management & Marketing

Have under-performing clients, locations, or campaigns? Create campaigns that are specific for those clients or locations, whether it be specials, coupons or local events and easily deliver these across social media and email lists with a single form and click. Empower your clients, managers or franchisees, or manage it centrally from your marketing department.

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Automation & Personalization

Automate review requests and personalize email promotions to local lists, thereby increasing loyalty and customer engagement, and utlimately, revenue and profits. It's easy and intuitive with the VLM Platform.

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Data Capture, Routing & CRM

Capture inquiries, comments, testimonials, ratings, resumes, and more. Then route them to appropriate individuals either at the client or corporate level, or locally depending on the nature of the information. Then login and see this information parsed by location, inquiry, or ownership. You'll wonder how you ever managed it before.

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Email & Social Media Marketing

No more logging into dozens of separate social media accounts or managing massive email lists in disparate systems. Update Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, email groups, and more with a single click. Do it for your clients, individual locations, or corporate-wide with a universal login.

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Marketing Asset Management

Make approved assets like coupons, email templates, HR forms, and much more available across all or singular entities - instantly. No more tedious email lists with attachments, clunky FTP software or Dropbox, etc. Upload it once and choose who has access system-wide or individually.

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Actionable Reporting & Analytics 

SEO, site and location traffic, clicks from social media, individual ratings and much more. All this data is just a click away and organized by client, site and location, when appropriate. You'll be amazed at what you can glean about your client's website and individual locations in a matter of seconds and inact appropriate marketing measures in the next.

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